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Boss Turbo Doesnt Afraid of Anything

Boss Turbo Doesn't Afraid of Anything is a electronic music project by Philip Duckworth

Free Music Downloads from Bandcamp:
Learn DarkBASIC
Everybody Builds a Robot ________________________


Free/Pay what you like download of: Learn darkBASIC

The second cyberpunk electro release from Boss Turbo Doesn’t Afraid Of Anything. Available free for the first time.

Free download from Bandcamp: everybody builds a robot

The first cyberpunk inspired release by Boss Turbo Doesn’t Afraid Of Anything.

Make Light 1

The first track from Learn DarkBASIC

My EP ‘Learn DarkBASIC’ - originally from First Fold Records. It’s made up of vocal samples and guitars processed to sound like synths. It’s available or on a custom USB flash drive (£8.00) - contact me direct for details.

Uploading my new ep ‘Learn DarkBASIC’ to flash drives.

A short demo from the new live/remix set I’m working on for Bring Out Your Dead at the Bull’s Head, Moseley, Birmingham, UK, 7th June.

The event will be the launch of my new album ‘Learn DarkBASIC’ on First Fold Records, as well as the launch of Arc Vel’s new First Fold record ‘Orrery’.

The demo features live-sampled drum and vocals and live guitar.

Another demo excerpt of new material I’ll be playing live on 1st March at Bring Out Your Dead, Birmingham, UK.

As with the other demos below, all the synth-like sounds come from live-sampled guitar and the vocal is sampled once at the start of the track and sequenced. The whole track is created in Audiomulch.

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